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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Papuan Congress, Separatism, and Zionism ?

west papua map
West Papua Map
When some citizens of West Papua is implementing Congressional in Zacchaeus Field there is something that caught my attention. Morning Star flag? NAH, that thing is predictable! 

The interesting thing to me is fluttering flag of Star David (symbol of the state of Israel in Zionist version) behind the speaker and I seen a father who used Kippah (head covering for Judaism adherent). And I wonder "If this really in Papua?".

After that I googling, it was not just me who surprised with this incident. Finally I found a photo from Kompasiana. There is a picture, obviously Zionist state flag was hoisted in the middle of the crowd.

Papuan Congressional

Not only that, and again I found video on Youtube in which also featured some of the time this incident happened.

Take a look, Israeli flag fluttering at minute 2:15, 2:23 and 1:18 minutes. There's someone using a kippah.

Without intending to judge, here I only present the events that strange for me. I consider it strange because they support Israel which is famous for its humanitarian crimes in Gaza. Let's say 'the completion of the problem' in IDF stlye where is 1 dead Israeli = 2000 dead Palestinian civilians. Whether OPM sympatizers approved the way Israeli military force is applied to the Indonesian military?

Whether Mossad has entered into Papua? Hmm ....

11:01 PM

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