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Sunday, June 17, 2012

West Papuan Rebels' Hypocrisy

Benny Wenda, OPM boss based in UK.
Papua is poor region with remarkable natural resources. Ironically, it is hard to find peace and harmony in that poor region.  There are attempts to establish international opinion that Papua is under occupation by using human rights issues in Papua.

Papua issue looks as if will never be finished. The existence of OPM (Free Papua Movement) in Papua is considered by government as "a thorn in the flesh" in implementation of accelerated development. This conflict will make this area as target of military operations by both parties (Indonesian Military and OPM). Beside that problem, the clan war still preserved till today is also a stigma that attaching primitiveness when talking about Papua.

Who is the bad guy, who is the victim? Mostly, foreign media (outside Indonesia) will always blaming on TNI (Indonesia Military) and Indonesian Police for all violence in Papua. It seems, they left  their objectivity just trying to make partial news and supports the terrorist in Papua. Let's uncover this!

What factors that could make this happen?

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