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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bahrain vs Indonesia Result was Impact of Chaos in Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), IPL vs ISL

-Neutral View-

It's hard to believe when I saw Indonesia vs Bahrain last night, that had resulted 10-0 for Bahraini victory. Many predicted Indonesia would be lost, but not like last night. Indonesian primary goal-keeper must out of field in first 3 minutes and 4 penalties in a match (luckily only 2 penalty kicks succeeded).

I knew if the referee on the match, Andree El Hadad was well-known controversial in world wide media. But I don't want to criticize about it, FIFA will works on it.

This result can't be separated from chaos of internal Indonesian FA. All players from ISL (Indonesia Super League) are banned to join Indonesian National Team by PSSI (Indonesian FA). Because new regime of Indonesian FA (Djohar and friends) has considered ISL as 'ILLEGAL LEAGUE', though it has already run since 2008 as professional league. Indonesian FA obtruded IPL (Indonesian Premier League) to be highest 'professional' league in Indonesian league.

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