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Sunday, June 17, 2012

West Papuan Rebels' Hypocrisy

Benny Wenda, OPM boss based in UK.
Papua is poor region with remarkable natural resources. Ironically, it is hard to find peace and harmony in that poor region.  There are attempts to establish international opinion that Papua is under occupation by using human rights issues in Papua.

Papua issue looks as if will never be finished. The existence of OPM (Free Papua Movement) in Papua is considered by government as "a thorn in the flesh" in implementation of accelerated development. This conflict will make this area as target of military operations by both parties (Indonesian Military and OPM). Beside that problem, the clan war still preserved till today is also a stigma that attaching primitiveness when talking about Papua.

Who is the bad guy, who is the victim? Mostly, foreign media (outside Indonesia) will always blaming on TNI (Indonesia Military) and Indonesian Police for all violence in Papua. It seems, they left  their objectivity just trying to make partial news and supports the terrorist in Papua. Let's uncover this!

What factors that could make this happen?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bahrain vs Indonesia Result was Impact of Chaos in Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), IPL vs ISL

-Neutral View-

It's hard to believe when I saw Indonesia vs Bahrain last night, that had resulted 10-0 for Bahraini victory. Many predicted Indonesia would be lost, but not like last night. Indonesian primary goal-keeper must out of field in first 3 minutes and 4 penalties in a match (luckily only 2 penalty kicks succeeded).

I knew if the referee on the match, Andree El Hadad was well-known controversial in world wide media. But I don't want to criticize about it, FIFA will works on it.

This result can't be separated from chaos of internal Indonesian FA. All players from ISL (Indonesia Super League) are banned to join Indonesian National Team by PSSI (Indonesian FA). Because new regime of Indonesian FA (Djohar and friends) has considered ISL as 'ILLEGAL LEAGUE', though it has already run since 2008 as professional league. Indonesian FA obtruded IPL (Indonesian Premier League) to be highest 'professional' league in Indonesian league.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Indonesia Studies Centre is Now Open in Egypt

Indonesia Studies Centre, Indonesian embassy in egypt
Opening Indonesia Studies Centre in SCU
Suez Canal University (SCU) in Ismailiya City - Egypt (about 100 km east of Cairo) on Sunday, February 5, 2012 officialy opened Indonesia Studies Centre (ISC).

Relations between Indonesia and Egypt has gone through a long history, so it needs to be developed more than just emotional relation to real action that contribute to both countries, said Indonesian Ambassador, Nurfaizi Suwandi when he met the Rector of SCU, Mohammed Ahmed Mohammedein in inaguration of Indonesia Studies Centre in SCU.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Relationship Without Declaration

"Witing Tresno Jalaran Soko Kulino"

Javanese proverb that means, "Love comes because it's wonted". If it's interpreted further more, someone who was initially unremarkable, begin transform into a sense because it used to meet, get used to doing something together.

Something that usually happen to ourselves and people around us, but rarely to realize is the beginning of friendship. Starting from simple question "Since when exactly we be friends?", perhaps no one can answer it, because we both never remembering it. The answer would be different if the question changed to "Since when are we go steady?", most likely one or both will remember the day, month, year, or even hours minutes and seconds.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Who is Malay copy?

Just like UK and US, Indonesia and Malaysia have common in their language. Both are rooted from Malay, but there are some differences if you hear accent of those languages. For example, "Saya" (it means "I or Me" in english) pronunciation :

Indonesian pronunciation: Say[a] - saya
Malaysian pronunciation: say[ə] - saye (with lilting voice)

The short History:

The term of "Malay" is derived from the Malay kingdom that ever existed in the area of ​​Batang Hari River. During its development, the Malay kingdom finally succumbed and became subordinate to Srivijaya kingdom. Use of the Malay term extends to outside of Sumatra, following the territorial empire of Srivijaya which grew to Java, Borneo and Malay Peninsula. When Srivijaya fell, Parameswara (descent of Srivijaya King) flee to Malacca after flee from Tumasik (Singapore today) after being attacked by Majapahit empire from Java and create new Sultanate of Malacca.  So, Malay People in Peninsula Malay were descendant of Sumatran people.

indonesia-malaysia nusantara
Nusantara is an old term that written on an old Javanese manuscript Pararaton and Negarakertagama.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Indonesian Sukhoi Intercepted PNG Jet

TNI: Indonesian National Armed Forces
TNI AU: Indonesian Air Forces

Indonesian Sukhoi Su-27
Two Indonesian sukhoi jet fighters intercepted unidentified aircraft that carrying Papua New Guinea [PNG] officials across the territory of the Republic of Indonesia on 29th November 2011. Interception is conducted by electronic identification by radar and visual identification according to standard procedures.

At that time, Falcon 900 PNG aircraft, returned from Subang, Malaysia, to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea through Indonesia airspace. The plane was carrying eight passengers, consisting of Belden Namah [PNG Deputy PM] and three PNG senior officials, an Australian citizen, and three citizens of Malaysia.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Indonesia Open New Diplomatic Relations with Nine Countries

marty natalegawa
Minister of Foreign Affairs (Foreign Minister) Marty Natalegawa in his speech at the Annual Press Statement said that during the year 2011, Indonesia has expanded its diplomatic relations as much as nine countries.

"As a commitment to expand its diplomatic relations with all UN member states, during the year 2011, Indonesia has opened diplomatic relations with nine countries," Marty said in a speech in Ministry of Foreign, Central Jakarta, Wednesday.

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