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Friday, December 18, 2015

Ojek Prevails, said Indonesian President @Jokowi #SaveGoJek

Online ojek (motorcycle taxi) became phenomenon since its massive advertising and promotional events in middle of 2015. Key player in this industry, one of them, is Go-Jek. By utilizing internet and smartphone, it spread its promo by giving free Go-Jek credit and cheap fare for any trip less than 25 km.

Jokowi, the Indonesian President, proves his commitment to boost creative media industry by stating statement against his minister that online ojek should be prevailed. Before this, Transportation Minister stated that ojek is illegal. The minister's statement not only threaten online ojek driver but also ojek consumer, which already existed long before online ojek run publicly.

Though, ojek does not have legal grounds for its business, by practically, ojek is familiar to Indonesia community. Online ojek also benefits the job seekers to have proper income for living. Not only its driver, ojek consumer also benefits more security from the transportation. Since it use digital media, it makes tracking easier. Means driver's data and route can be tracked.

After all, minister's decision by 'prohibiting' ojek to operating must be criticized and need deep analyze. Ojek has existed for a long time, why should be banned when it became more organized? Absence in regulations and laws does not mean prohibition. It is a grey area that should be governed by statesman's wisdom. Jokowi's step by not forbidding ojek to operating should be praised as benefit for small economy. 

Salus populi suprema lex esto!

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Unfriendly Indonesia-Singapore Relations?

PICTURE: Welcoming the bodies of  Usman and Harun, after executed in Singapore 1968.
Singapore showed its anger on Indonesia's decision to designate name for three newly purchased Indonesian frigates from UK, which  one of three warship will be named with 'Usman-Harun'. Then, what's the problem? Usman-Harun actually was two Indonesian marines who had been sent to Singapore to sabotage vital targets in this former Malaysian region during Indonesia-Malaysia confrontation. In 1965, Usman and Harun have blown up The McDonald House at Orchard Road. The McDonald House was considered as important target for Indonesia.  At that time, this building was used as office complex as well as representative office of High Commission of Australia and also Japanese Consulate. (Detik Magazine, 17 February 2014).

Singapore found Indonesia as mastermind behind 'terror' attack in Singapore. Finally, Singaporean authority captured Usman and Harun, but those two Indonesian marines weren't treated as prisoners of war. In 1968, Usman and Harun were sentenced  to death by Singaporean courthouse and their bodies sent to Jakarta afterward.

For Singaporean, Usman and Harun are terrorists, because they did bombing that killed three civilians. While Indonesians regard them as hero, because their action is 'justified' by confrontation time that was realized by both parties. Indonesia and Singapore agreed to close this confrontation, which is marked by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew visited Indonesia in 1973 and scattered flowers on the graves of the two marines.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

West Papuan Rebels' Hypocrisy

Benny Wenda, OPM boss based in UK.
Papua is poor region with remarkable natural resources. Ironically, it is hard to find peace and harmony in that poor region.  There are attempts to establish international opinion that Papua is under occupation by using human rights issues in Papua.

Papua issue looks as if will never be finished. The existence of OPM (Free Papua Movement) in Papua is considered by government as "a thorn in the flesh" in implementation of accelerated development. This conflict will make this area as target of military operations by both parties (Indonesian Military and OPM). Beside that problem, the clan war still preserved till today is also a stigma that attaching primitiveness when talking about Papua.

Who is the bad guy, who is the victim? Mostly, foreign media (outside Indonesia) will always blaming on TNI (Indonesia Military) and Indonesian Police for all violence in Papua. It seems, they left  their objectivity just trying to make partial news and supports the terrorist in Papua. Let's uncover this!

What factors that could make this happen?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Bahrain vs Indonesia Result was Impact of Chaos in Indonesian Football Association (PSSI), IPL vs ISL

-Neutral View-

It's hard to believe when I saw Indonesia vs Bahrain last night, that had resulted 10-0 for Bahraini victory. Many predicted Indonesia would be lost, but not like last night. Indonesian primary goal-keeper must out of field in first 3 minutes and 4 penalties in a match (luckily only 2 penalty kicks succeeded).

I knew if the referee on the match, Andree El Hadad was well-known controversial in world wide media. But I don't want to criticize about it, FIFA will works on it.

This result can't be separated from chaos of internal Indonesian FA. All players from ISL (Indonesia Super League) are banned to join Indonesian National Team by PSSI (Indonesian FA). Because new regime of Indonesian FA (Djohar and friends) has considered ISL as 'ILLEGAL LEAGUE', though it has already run since 2008 as professional league. Indonesian FA obtruded IPL (Indonesian Premier League) to be highest 'professional' league in Indonesian league.

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