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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Indonesian Version of "The Transformers" ?

Have you ever imagined if low-tech transport such as Bajaj could transform into hi-tech robotic? Don't worry, it only happened in short movie ;)

The Transformers with Indonesian taste gave us new look of background of Hollywood movie. If United States has sporty & luxury car, Indonesia has 'simple' transportation that can transform into hi-tech robotic.

Bajaj, Warung (small simple shop), Traditional Market with busy commerce activity of crowds, try to portray Indonesian suburb. This teaser is titled "Pada Suatu Ketika" (At one time) made by Lakon Animasi, a institute of animation training study that will be held in Solo, Central Java.

Transformation of Bajaj

This video first uploaded in Vimeo and re-uploaded many times by others in YouTube. Although many viewers espouse this teaser to be played in Cinema, one of video creators commented in their Facebook Page that this video was made in order to test learning and training materials. Reel was made to find the bugs contained in the program which is compiled by them, be it in the curriculum, modules and program implementation insight.

However, this teaser can boost another animator to create more high quality of Indonesian animation. We have potential talent which is not inferior to our neighboring states. Good job, guys!

Watch the teaser below:

Lakon Pada Suatu Ketika from lakonanimasi on Vimeo.

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