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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Indonesia Studies Centre is Now Open in Egypt

Indonesia Studies Centre, Indonesian embassy in egypt
Opening Indonesia Studies Centre in SCU
Suez Canal University (SCU) in Ismailiya City - Egypt (about 100 km east of Cairo) on Sunday, February 5, 2012 officialy opened Indonesia Studies Centre (ISC).

Relations between Indonesia and Egypt has gone through a long history, so it needs to be developed more than just emotional relation to real action that contribute to both countries, said Indonesian Ambassador, Nurfaizi Suwandi when he met the Rector of SCU, Mohammed Ahmed Mohammedein in inaguration of Indonesia Studies Centre in SCU.

ISC has several programs, including: Course Indonesian language (Bahasa), Library, Read Cafe, Screening Indonesian film, held seminar all about Indonesia, Provide consultation and academic advising for students who will study about Indonesia.

In inaguration remarks, Nurfaizi confirmed seriousness of Indonesia to improve relations and cooperation between two countries. "Egypt, as the first country that recognized Indonesian independence, is a friend who always deserves attention, especially in tough times like nowadays".

In Mr. Mohammedein's speech he stated, that the knowledge of Indonesia who undergone difficult time to reform the will of the people. Likewise Egyptian People also wanted changes for the country through revolutionary movement, and now in transition towards democratic country, like Indonesia. Therefore, the realization of ISC has significance for the university to learn about Indonesia more deeeper from all aspects, including ideology, politics, social and cultural, economics and defence-security. 

Cooperation in education between SCU with universities in Indonesia has been running since 2005.

UGM = Gajah Mada University in Jogja
UNS = State University of Surakarta Sebelas Maret, in Surakarta
IAIN = State Institute of Islamic Religion (Surabaya)

The program that has been completed between SCU with several universities in Indonesia, including students Shortcourse for Magister and Doctorat degree (UGM and UNS), Guidance theses and dissertations (UGM and UNS), Pioneer double degree (UGM), Arab language training dor Arabic  teachers (UNS, IAIN Surabaya, UGM).

Moreover, join research between SCU and UNS, Bahasa Indonesia courses for SCU students, KNB (Developing Countries Partnership) scholarship for Magister Egyptian student, 'Dream Program' to visit UGM, Learn Bahasa Indonesia through 'Darmasiswa Program' for Egyptian student for a year in Indonesia.


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