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Monday, February 6, 2012

Relationship Without Declaration

"Witing Tresno Jalaran Soko Kulino"

Javanese proverb that means, "Love comes because it's wonted". If it's interpreted further more, someone who was initially unremarkable, begin transform into a sense because it used to meet, get used to doing something together.

Something that usually happen to ourselves and people around us, but rarely to realize is the beginning of friendship. Starting from simple question "Since when exactly we be friends?", perhaps no one can answer it, because we both never remembering it. The answer would be different if the question changed to "Since when are we go steady?", most likely one or both will remember the day, month, year, or even hours minutes and seconds.

And usually, friendship is more lasting than dating. Even a friend of mine once said " I'd better lost a girl than lost a friend, I don't wanna fuss about girl with my friend", the statement that came out because he didn't wanna lose his best friend.

Friendship generally occur from equation, whether nature, thought, character, etc. Similarity factor is a natural (not artificial) thing that strengthening relationship between persons. Simply be yourself, then approximately person like you will appear in your life.

Am I wrong if express my feeling throug oral?

Actually, no. But keep in mind, tounge is boneless. Someone might be able to easily say "I love you, I need you, you're my love" or whatever kind of flattery. Presently, he probably could say it, but in the future? It's not necessarily so.

So, how do I let her know?

For me, I need 'another language' to express and measure it. Namely, a language which doesn't need to be heard to be understood, a language that has broad meaning, not only it seems, or I call it 'Language of Feelings'.

I prefer to find a partner who at least have some semblance of personality, because the beautifulness just by it seems, it's not necessarily worth for us. No need to be too serious, simply live it and relax. Remains to be yourself, but still close and long standing relationship just like having relation with friends.

Hubungan Tanpa Deklarasi
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