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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Indonesian Sukhoi Intercepted PNG Jet

TNI: Indonesian National Armed Forces
TNI AU: Indonesian Air Forces

Indonesian Sukhoi Su-27
Two Indonesian sukhoi jet fighters intercepted unidentified aircraft that carrying Papua New Guinea [PNG] officials across the territory of the Republic of Indonesia on 29th November 2011. Interception is conducted by electronic identification by radar and visual identification according to standard procedures.

At that time, Falcon 900 PNG aircraft, returned from Subang, Malaysia, to Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea through Indonesia airspace. The plane was carrying eight passengers, consisting of Belden Namah [PNG Deputy PM] and three PNG senior officials, an Australian citizen, and three citizens of Malaysia.

Related to that, Head of Public Communication Center for Ministry of Defence, Brigadier General Hartind Asrin said, it is the task of Air Force. "They detect unidentified aircraft crossed the territory of Indonesia, Indonesia's sovereignty. Then, our fighter aircraft, Sukhoi fly within 3 miles," he said at Saturday, December 7, 2011.

P2-ANW Dassault Falcon 900EX Jet plane, operated Air New Guinea airline for the Government of Papua New Guinea. Keith Anderson /
P2-ANW Dassault Falcon 900EX Jet plane, operated Air New Guinea airline for Government of Papua New Guinea. Keith Anderson /

Meanwhile, Radio Australia News ABC reported:

Papua New Guinea's parliament endorsed-prime minister, Peter O'Neil, has threatened to expel Indonesian Ambassador, because of an incident in Indonesian airspace last November.

Mr. O'Neill's deputies, Belden Namah, says it was an act of 'aggression and intimidation'.

"I am very angry. I demand an explanation; if I do not get an explanation within 48 hours all diplomatic relations between Indonesia and Papua New Guinea Will be strained," Mr Namah said.

Belden Namah PNG Indonesia
Belden Namah
"I have already spoken to ambassador and if it means We have to get ambassador to leave this country and withdraw our ambassador from Jakarta we will do so." Severance of diplomatic relations, he added, can be done by withdraw PNG Ambassador to  Indonesia or expel Indonesian Ambassador in PNG.

Unfortunately, as preached by The National newspaper in Papua New Guinea, calling Ambassador by Namah can't be met because protocol calls like that can only be done by foreign minister.

When contacted separately, both Minister Coordinator for Political, Legal and Security Djoko Suyanto and TNI Headquarter are equally emphasized there is nothing wrong with the interception procedures performed.

Djoko said, what National Air Defense Command (Kohanudnas) is correct and appropriate procedures, either by identifying plane electronically through radar or visual identification by sending two fighter jets.

To fly in Indonesian airspace, a foreign state aircraft must have three approval. Flight Approval will be issued by Directorate General of Civil Aviation Directorate of Air Transport, diplomatic clearances issued by Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as security clearances issued by Air Force.

Currently the split occurred in PNG with emergence of two PM. Peter O'Neill is PM supported by PNG parliament. By  PNG Supreme Court power is considered invalid. Supreme Court pointed to previous PM, Sir Michael Somere to hold office. Sir Michael's bulwark has condemned Belden Namah's statement and said that all officials of foreign representatives will get protection.



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